About «DDM-Audit»

Open Company Firm "DDM-Audit" has been created at November, 1995. We specialize on rendering of services in the field of a general audit and services accompanying audit (consulting in the field of taxation and accounting).

Firm "DDM-Audit" is included in the register of the auditor organizations of the Self-adjustable Organisation Nonprofitable Partnership "Auditor Chamber of Russia" behind the basic registration number 10201006170.

Insurance of professional responsibility at realization of auditor activity is spent by Open Society "Rosgosstakh" Branch – the "Rosgosstrakh Department of Bashkortostan Republic" (the insurance policy of a series 4000 № 0371288 from 06/11/2010). The insurance sum is a rouble equivalent of 390 000 US dollars.

"DDM-Audit" since 1995 has carried out audits more than 800 enterprises of Bashkortostan Republic of various patterns of ownership of all branches of republic economy (mining operatins, fuel and energy sector, building and construction materials, transport, wholesale and retail trade, activities at the field of culture, sport, health care service and pharmaceutics, education) including Open Society "Bashneft", Open Society "Bashkirenergo", Open Society "Baskirnefteproduct", Open Company "Holding company "Bashbeton", Open Society "Belebeevsky dairy complex", Open Society "Meleuzovsky ferroconcrete structures plant"etc.

We offer all complex of high level auditor services corresponding to the Russian and international audit standards (rules) and meeting all requirements of customer on the basis of long-term cooperation, namely:

Auditor services:
Audit of the accounting or financial reporting of customer's organization with the issue of aditor's conclusion and report;
Consulting services (Accounting and reporting. Taxations. Legal issues. Financial issues.The International standards of Financial activity. Management. Audit of personnel (staffing) policy.).
Tax audit and consulting (expert check of correctness of calculation and fulfillment by customer the tax liabilities).
Services in conformity with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Analysis and working out of documents for conformity with IFRS requirements. Accounting transformation.
We use the flexible and balance approach to pricing. Such approach allows to provide the high quality of auditor services at the acceptable conditions for customer. The individual approach to each client allows us to find to find the decision based on deep understanding of specificity of client's business and problems.

Auditor services is conducted in accordance with the Federal Law "On Auditor Activity" from 30/12/2008№ 307-FZ, "Rules (standards) of Auditor Activity" approved by the Enactement of Government of the Russian Federation from 23/02/2002 № 696, the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation "the statement of federal standards of auditor activity" from 20/05/2010 № 46н, internal standads of Firm "DDM-Audit" and standards of Nonprofitable Partnership "Auditor Chamber of Russia" with the obligatory quality control of carried out audit.

Quality of auditor services of Open Company Firm "DDM-Audit" and observance of Code of professional ethics of Auditors of Russia is confirmed by the certificates of Committee for Quality Control of auditor activity of Nonprofitable Partnership "Auditor Chamber of Russia" (№ 2/4-576-22 from 29/12/2006 -by the results of works at 2004 ÷ 2006; № 16 from 29/01/2010 — by the results of works at 2007 ÷ 2009.)

We hope for fruitful, mutually advantageous and long-term cooperation.

Phone/Fax: +7 (347) 277-0350
E-mail: office@ddm-audit.ru
Our address: Russia, 450104, Bashkortostan Republic, Ufa, Rossiyskaya str., 33/4
Contact person phone: 8 917 344-1294 — Olga Mavrodieva